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We believe one choice can change everything. Imagine making that one key decision leading to an extraordinary life, a life on your terms.

"One decision. Totally different life”

Our Mission

We are a team on a mission who have come together to help and support each other. Our focus is enhancing lives both physically and financially.

We Can Help You With...

  • Reducing stress by eliminating the things that keep you up at night.
  • Growing connections and building friendships.
  • Developing personally and professionally.
  • Learning how to put the most important things in your life first and work around it.
  • Setting and achieving your goals, personally, physically and financially.
  • Making a difference and leaving a legacy.
  • Creating time for travel with loved ones.
  • Being your own boss, creating your own schedule.
  • Having more money for the things you love.

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“One Decision at a Time, We Impact Lives One Family at a Time"


Together We Thrive:

Join our community and be a part of our collaborative team that creates positive change, one family at a time. Women from all over the U.S. are working from home, creating their own businesses and setting their own schedules for a more balanced, flexible lifestyle.

Meet our team!


As a young mom and former business professional, I was always caught in the struggle of having more bills than money. Driven by heart and dreams, I dove into a well-known MLM company, with promises of time freedom, quality moments with my kids, and a luxurious lifestyle. I climbed quickly to the top 1%. Unfortunately, the cost was high and brought my family financial hardship and ethical dilemmas. Unwilling to compromise my values, I stepped into corporate banking. There I found success with a generous income, but that came with stress and little time for myself or my family.

Over almost two decades ago everything changed with Choosing the Best Life. Joining forces with like-minded women, I've found balance, achieved financial abundance, time freedom, and now dedicate myself to helping others do the same.


I have been happily married for over 25 years with 3 beautiful children. Whether I was teaching elementary school or working in my family's Scandinavian travel company, my heart has always been to help.

After the recession in 2008 and a newborn at home, I was faced with having to find a job or a new career. So I went back to school to become a certified Health Coach and personal trainer, using all of our family's resources I opened my own business. My passions and entrepreneurial spirit have always inspired me, unfortunately still sacrificing time with my family.

Since reconnecting with Susan, a high school friend almost a decade ago, my life has been incredibly blessed. After partnering up with this amazing team of women, I have been able to cut back on my own business and finally found some work/life balance.

I love empowering women to take back control of their lives and provide the opportunity to live life on their own terms.


A few years back, I unexpectedly found myself in a major health crisis. I was unable to work and my health was in rough shape for a consecutive 7 months. Hospitals could not find me answers. I had to find something that could help me physically, emotionally and financially.

Today my health is under control. I have time to be a mom in a large blended family, enjoy friends and travel around the world. I'm so grateful for the team that I have found here. This business has provided me the time freedom I never had with nursing. I finally have balance in my life and have a strong purpose at the same time.


As a retired nurse, I've always loved helping people. I was in the top 2% of an MLM company, working very hard to achieve some success with very little reward! I met Susan through a local business networking community. What she shared intrigued me so decided to join forces with Susan at Choosing the Best Life.

It was then that I found real success and reliable income: no selling, no inventory, a truly noble business.

The biggest blessing was the flexibility to care for my mom when she needed me most. Choosing the Best Life has been a total blessing physically and financially. Now I help others achieve the same. I really love showing people there is a solution to attain their goals and dreams.

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We're eager to connect with you! Share with us your goals and dreams... We are excited to introduce you to Choosing The Best Life and explore together if we are a good fit for you and your family. It's time to turn curiosity into action! Set up a discovery call today.

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